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Christmas Parade Dancers


We pride ourselves on providing entertainment for our guests that provides a unique holiday shopping experience you just cannot get at your local mall. From dance recitals to fashion shows, we are excited to present a variety of holiday entertainment that is sure to get you in the Christmas spirit.

Choir Performing


Novemeber 18th

12:00 PM- Southside Middle School Dance Team

1:00 PM- Williams Middle School Chorus

2:00 PM- Williams Middle School Dance Team

4:30 PM- Vocalist, Grayson Cribb


November 19th

11:00 AM- KFA Dance Studio

12:00 PM- Southside Middle School Chorus

1:00 PM- School of Dance Arts

2:00 PM- Holiday Fashion Show

3:30 PM- Southside Middle School Chorus

5:00 pm- Driven By Dance

Ballerinas Sitting in a Circle
Fashion Show


November 20th

11:00 AM- Dance Loud Dance Studio

12:00 PM- Vocalist-Grayson Cribb

1:00 PM- Holiday Fashion Show

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